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Why is EHealthSource the Future of Medical Billing in the USA

EHealthSource – The Future of Medical Billing in the USA

Wasn’t life more leisurely in the 1980s? Most of the healthcare providers used to handle their own billing; with physicians setting the fees for treatment and sending bills to insurance companies, it was the latter who in turn paid the bill. Paper was all too important, seeing as little to no technology was required.

Then came automation and transformed the face of the account industry, bringing us to this time – the time to finally let the Medical Billing industry evolve. EHealthSource Medical Billing is right on the edge of this very evolution.

We are seen as one of the most renowned providers of medical billing services in the USA that fully embraced automation, and our clients are reaping the benefits in every sense of the word!

Data with Rare to No Errors

There is little doubt as to how custom software and automation is the future of medical billing, but the fact still remains that it can’t replace a human – a billing professional. After all, nothing can replace the actual human judgement.  What automation does is, help us get from the step of  collecting data to making decisions, faster!

What makes us the best medical billing company in the USA is our advanced systems that ensure zero errors so that the submitted claims are complete, clean, and correct the first time, eliminating rejections and denials and expediting the payment process.

If It’s Automated, It’s Easy!

For any medical billing company in the USA, keying in codes, insurance information, and demographics manually has to be the most time consuming. If that wasn’t enough, it is also bound to contain errors, even if you have the most careful billers at your disposal. After all, it’s human nature to sometimes accidentally reverse a number, copy down the wrong DX code, or forget a modifier. Automation, by its very definition, makes no human error mistakes.

With EHealthSource’s state-of-the-art systems, we bring down the number of billing entry errors to not just a minimum, but zero, while bringing a great reduction in the transfer time required for manual entry. Every piece of billing information is automatically carried over from your EHR (EMR) to our extensively designed billing software for further processing. Contrary to the popular myth that there exists a universal billing software which integrates with every EMR out there, we believe in using our own custom software, tailored for each client, to better automate data entry for each of them.

Accurate, In-depth Data Analysis

Automation makes it possible for data analysis for reporting to be more comprehensive as well as accurate, as compared to its peers in the market who do not have automated systems yet. Real time reports offer incredible data visualization and powerful analysis of the financial health of your organization. Clients can view online reports, no matter when and keep them updated so to make important business decisions.

The uncertain times that we live in have ensured that automation and medical billing services in the United States go hand-in-hand. There are insurance companies everywhere, tightening their regulations and requirements more and more, with every passing year. With so many increasing requirements on every claim, and insurance companies spending almost billions on their automated systems, the world needs a billing company with the same ammunition as the big guys!

Final Word

It is amply clear that with automation, the horrors that come with manual billing, such as discrepancies, rejections, as well as other errors are now a thing of the past.

If your business’ medical billing isn’t already technologically recent, it is time to partner with EHealthSource today!

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