EHealthSources is a full service, independent outsourcing medical billing company specializing in physical therapy billing services and consulting. We provide electronic claims processing, medical billing services and physical therapy practice management solutions to physical therapy practices. We utilize the latest electronic claims processing techniques and have nearly 4 years experience with physical therapy practices.

EHealthSources offers Claims Processing:

Claims processing and billing is an important part of every physical therapy practice. The financial strength of your physical therapy practice is directly related to timely billing and reimbursement. Declining reimbursements, increasing treatment limits, complicated approval mechanisms – it’s getting more and more difficult to generate the revenue needed to keep your practice profitable. Most providers do not have the training nor the time to properly handle the billing aspect of their practice. It is complicated and costly to have in-house billing specialists. This is where EHealthSources can help make your practice as profitable as possible.

Physical Therapy Medical Billing and Coding Services in Florida, USA
EHealthSources Utilizes Electronic Claims Processing:

EHealthSources transmits claims electronically to Blue Cross Blue Shield, Medicare, Medicaid and hundreds of other commercial insurance companies. As of October, 2011 we are fully 5010 certified with Medicare and our Clearinghouse. We bill the patients for any remaining co-pay and deductible balances. Our highly trained staff is able to process your insurance claims quickly and accurately. This leaves you, the provider, with more time to devote to your patients and practice. EHealthSources is an affordable alternative to the high cost of patient billing allowing you to increase your cash flow and decrease your office overhead.

EHealthSources Recommends Electronic Health Records:

While Physical Therapists are not required to use an Electronic Health Record system (EHR), with all of the current reporting and documentation requirements, EHealthSources recommends all therapy providers (Physical Therapy, Occupational Therapy and Speech Therapy) utilize an EHR system. There are many EHR systems available and each one has it’s strengths and weaknesses. As a general recommendation, we prefer WebPT if you do not need a certified EHR system and Kareo or Cyfluent if you need a certified EHR system. Help with the Medicare Functional Limitation Reporting alone will justify the cost of an EHR system in your office. Both WebPT and Cyfluent can send claim information electronically to our billing software to speed up your claims processing while decreasing data entry errors.

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EHealthSource's utmost priority is to help our clients achieve maximum revenue and profit.

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