Why is having Pediatric Billing experience important?

Pediatric billing has specific billing requirements that other specialties may not have.One big example is vaccines. If vaccines are not billed and followed up on properly a practice can lose a lot of money.

A single vaccine may cost the practice up to $170. So making sure the right NDC number and diagnosis code is used and ensuring the insurance company submission rules are followed to the letter are vital. Not getting paid for even a few vaccines will hurt the practice. Over time this could lead to tens of thousands of dollars lost. You don’t want that!

Other Pediatric Billing Issues We Can Help With:
  • Here are a few other pediatric coding and billing issues and coding opportunities where we have expertise.
  • We know how to bill insurance for newborns properly
  • We know which Vaccine Administration you should use, 90471 or 90460
  • We can help you bill Well Checks and Sick Vests together
  • We know how to bill insurance when each child in the family has their own coverage.
Pediatric Medical Billing and Coding Services in Florida, USA
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