Physical Therapy Billing is unique in that one is billing for the modalities and therapy treatment rendered by the Physical Therapist. A Physical Therapist is unique in that they access, prescribe, and render their own treatment plan. As they are not doctors themselves, they do so under the supervision of a referring physician. The goal of the Therapist is the rehabilitation of the muscular system that was injured; and as there are over 300 muscles throughout the body all of them connected to tendons and soft tissue, the Billing of physical therapy treatment can become complex.

Worker’s compensation, also known as workman’s compensation or workers’ comp, is a specialized type of medical insurance that covers treatment for injuries incurred on the job. Commercial workers’ comp policies may be purchased by employers, though in some states, the policies and programs are administered by the states. Professional medical billers are aware of the workers’ comp plans in their states, the requirements and guidelines necessary for billing these medical claims to these plans, and the plans’ limitations.

OT & PT Workers Medical Billing and Coding Services in Florida, USA
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