The world of ophthalmology medical billing and coding requires extensive knowledge in order to ensure that all of the  necessary filing requirements are met. Here at EHealthSource, we won’t trust your billing and coding functions to just anyone, as we hire only certified coders to provide you with accuracy, quality and timely submissions.

Part of the challenge involved in ophthalmology medical billing and coding lies in the fact that referrals are often needed for certain procedures. In addition, eye codes are specific by state and individual payer, which means special attention must be given in order to avoid transposing numbers. The fact that we have a 99% accuracy rate speaks well of our ability to meet all of the requirements of ICD-9 and CPT.

Why outsource your ophthalmology medical billing and coding functions?
  • Electronic claims filing
  • Accurate charge capture
  • All stages of appeal process handled
  • Pro-active stance toward decreasing denial rates
  • Hire only certified coders
Ophthalmology Medical Billing and Coding Services in Florida, USA
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