Nephrology Medical Billing and Coding Services in Florida, USA

Navigating nephrology medical billing and coding can be quite complex and requires an in-depth understanding of federal guidelines and requirements, as well as variations in local carrier coverage determinations (LCDs). EHealthSource offers these nephrology unique seminars to equip you with a greater understanding of which CPT codes to use for various scenarios and how to transition from ICD-9 to diagnosis coding to ICD-10.

In our company, we believe that your speciality should have a team of coding and billing professionals who are experienced in the area of nephrology practices and the many nuances of coding and billing. While the new ICD-10 codes should remove much of the guesswork from correctly coding diagnoses and their treatments and procedures, they are only effective if the personnel using them are trained and have had sufficient experience by the time the implementation deadline goes into effect in October 2014.

EHealthSource offers the best nephrology medical billing and coding services in Florida, USA to streamline billing processes & minimize claim denials.

Nephrology Medical Billing and Coding Services in Florida, USA
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