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We are proud to be a medical billing company in Texas, and we take great pride in bringing decades worth of experience to the table. As providers of medical billing services in Texas, we make it our job to introduce and maintain cost-effectiveness, efficiency, and profitability to your revenue cycle management. The best part of availing our series is that you shall only be outsourcing your billing process without losing any control over your core processes.

We understand how physicians always want to know the average cost for medical billing services in the Texas market to see if the services provided are affordable to them or not. That brings us to the other great thing about our company; we offer customized plans for billing services to ensure affordability to physician groups, regardless of how small- or large-scale they are.

Why Avail Services From Our Medical Billing Company in Texas?

Because ours is an error-free billing process

Our knowledge of complex claim submission processes is extensive. Only after undergoing rigorous process training and later completing all the required quality as well as domain-driven knowledge assessment, do we move forward.

Because we help you accelerate cash flow

One of the things that makes us stand out as a medical billing company in Texas is how we empower our clients to engage in fast collection and maintain a steady cash flow. Physicians understand how they can quickly and more efficiently climb the success ladder by letting us do what we do the best – medical billing.

Because we help you offer improved quality of service

With us as your support team, you can easily afford to 100% commit towards patient care. As a leading medical billing company in Texas, we are mainly focused on maximizing our client’s revenue. We ensure that each and every code gets the right reimbursement, errors get identified quickly, and denials are followed upon swiftly.

Final Word

As a HIPAA compliant medical billing company in Texas, you can rest assured that compliance is in fact deeply integrated into all our operations. Our billers in this state are specially equipped to service medical practices in accordance with the regulations of the Texas government. Their knowledge as well as experience has been acquired through years of learning and effort put into perfecting every single medical billing procedure.

Our team of professional billers are trained to handle every aspect of Revenue Cycle Management, including denial Management. You can always depend on us to help you recover your rejected claims through appeals as well as resubmission of claims.

The law here requires the payer to pay a clean claim within 30 days. They are provided with the option of 45 days, in case the claim isn’t submitted electronically. Hence, our Texas billers should be able to cut down your AR days remarkably.

Moreover, there is a need to reduce the total healthcare cost as per the effort of the federal government. But, it can only be supported by the Texas physicians if they start optimizing costs on top of enhancing revenue

As your Texas Medical Billing Services provider, you can expect us to take care of:

  • Payer Performance reporting
  • Cash projections
  • AR recovery reports
  • Baseline performance Reports
  • Reports on Request

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