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At EHealthSource, we are a trusted and reliable medical billing service provider in San Antonio, TX that serves a diverse range of healthcare providers across the country. Our success lies in our transparency and reliability, which has resulted in a spotless reputation and an ever-growing clientele.

Unlike some medical billing companies in San Antonio, TX where medical billing and coding roles are combined, EHealthSource has dedicated medical billing staff and medical coders who work together to ensure that medical providers and labs receive maximum revenue at the lowest possible cost. EHealthSource understands that IT is crucial in the healthcare industry and therefore regularly conducts staff training on the latest IT trends in healthcare and medical billing. With the latest software and expert knowledge, EHealthSource can handle all medical billing tasks efficiently, precisely, and quickly. Their team offers clear explanations of how billing transforms healthcare services into billing claims and guarantees that practices receive reimbursement for the services providers perform. EHealthSource can also help optimize reimbursement levels for medical practices.

EHealthSource Medical Billers and Coders are experts in:

Our San Antonio-based medical billing service has a proven track record of providing exceptional services to our clients, aimed at optimizing revenue generation quickly and efficiently. Our team of skilled professionals designs these services keeping the unique requirements of the medical billing industry in mind. We also provide personalized medical billing solutions in San Antonio that cater to the specific needs of each client since we understand that different medical specialties have their own unique demands.

  • Medical Billing Services
  • Medical Coding Services
  • Revenue Cycle Management
  • Account Receivables Management
  • Denial Management
  • Insurance Verification
  • Indexing of medical record

Our experienced team stays on top of the latest IT trends in healthcare and the medical billing industry, enabling us to use the latest software to handle all medical billing-related tasks efficiently, precisely, and quickly. We also have specialist medical billing staff along with medical coders who use their intimate knowledge of billing software and coding to ensure maximum revenue at the lowest possible cost.

Why Choose EHealthSource as Medical Billing Company in San Antonio, TX

We assure you of medical billing based on precise coding, and we double-check all invoices for accuracy before issuing them. Our staff keeps themselves updated on the latest health coding rules changes and protocols, enabling them to handle medical billing processes effectively. We recognize the significance of patient and data confidentiality, so we have implemented strict systems to ensure complete data security.

We promote best practices for insurance and patient collections, minimize risk, and comprehend fair debt collection practices, refund requirements, professional regulations, and clean claims. The rules and regulations related to insurance can be intricate, but we have the ability to decrease A/R days and understand the specifics of different insurance carriers and their relevant claim requirements. We pursue successful follow-up efforts for reimbursement, including the appeals process for rejected claims.

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