Medical Billing Company in New York (NY)

In New York, an increasing number of physicians are opting for professional medical billers and coders to oversee their billing processes. Many physicians have noted that maintaining these professionals can be cost-intensive, leading to a growing trend of seeking expert billers locally, whether or not they are affiliated with the practice on a full-time basis.

EHealthSource certified billers, with an average of 10 years of experience in medical billing and coding in New York, are available to serve your practice in any city of New York.

Medical Billing Services in New York

These professionals assist medical practices in safeguarding patient information, reducing disruptions in cash flow caused by staff turnover and absences, eliminating backlogs, and ensuring the continuity of revenue collections. You can rely on them for various medical billing and coding services, including:

  • Steadily increasing revenue.
  • Expedited claims processing due to their dedicated focus on billing tasks.
  • Follow-up on rejected or partially paid claims.
  • Coding consultations to enhance revenue through improved code utilization.
  • Adoption of best practices in medical billing and swift collection recovery.

The demand for medical billing services in New York is on the rise, and procurement has become increasingly challenging in the expensive state of New York.

Specialties Covered by EHealthSource in New York

According to the United States Bureau of Statistics, there is projected to be a severe shortage of nearly 50,000 medical billers and coders by the year 2015. Given that we have established one of the best medical billing companies in New York, you can find a biller of your choice in all major cities.

Our medical billing company in New York specialize in servicing medical practices in accordance with state government regulations. They have acquired their knowledge and expertise through years of perfecting medical billing procedures, which they now leverage to enhance your practice’s revenue collection.

Supporting the federal government’s efforts to reduce healthcare costs in the state of New York can be achieved by optimizing costs and increasing revenue. Entrusting a specialist with your medical billing can potentially boost collections by up to 20%.

Accurate coding and code audits, along with timely insurance follow-up and accounts receivable management, form the foundation upon which these medical billers in New York guarantee increased profitability for your clinic. Our proficiency in various software platforms and certifications in medical billing processes will facilitate the steady growth of your practice.

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