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How The Success of Businesses During COVID-19 Depends on Their Accounts Receivable Management

COVID-19 has been consistently leading to dire economic consequences, all across the world, and these are much more far-reaching than the much-feared financial crisis of 2009, which is especially characterized by the unemployment numbers in the States. Not just one accounts receivable management company in Florida, and other US states, but many have said that a lot of economic institutes in the States had been forecasting a 4 to 5 percent shrinking GDP for the last year. In the 1st quarter of 2020, the electrical and metal industry saw about 14 percent year-on-year decline in their orders, while there was a 26 percent drop seen in the automotive industry orders. It still remains to be seen how the various European countries as well as the USA, that were especially hard hit by the pandemic, will tackle this problem.

How is Accounts Receivable Management Actually Faring During the Pandemic?

As per the statistics gathered by some of the prominent accounts receivable management services in Florida and other states in the USA, bar a few exceptions, the hotel and restaurant sector usually only has low equity ratios. Now, since the number of sales in this sector can’t be made up and the pandemic-related measures (the new spacing rules) mean that the total capacities can’t be fully utilised, even if we look at the long term, it seems that the sector is running on an especially high risk of insolvency. The very same applies to the entire tourism industry as well. This is the reason why the general consensus is towards short payment terms along with reduced credit lines; it will prove to be appropriate in this field.

The textile retail and textile industry have also been severely affected due to COVID-19. The former in particular is already suffering due to the steadily declining sales because of online trading. In this case too, debtors will need to be closely monitored. Also, when it comes to the aviation industry, it will most likely shrink and it’s suppliers will also be adversely affected.

Why is Professional Credit Risk Management Necessary?

Against the backdrop of this pandemic, there is no way that a company does well without well-positioned accounts receivable management services in the USA to provide it the necessary support.

Organizations need solutions that can help them permanently monitor customers so as to detect changes in their payment behaviour immediately and to keep them informed at all times about the same, also by means of external information. Moreover, all the data obtained from the pools of payment experience as well as the evaluation of external payment experiences will become more and more significant.

Simulation or break-even calculations based upon annual financial statements can be used to make sure there’s solvency even in the case of expanded credit volumes. With the help of interim financial analyses, one can also gain clarity in the short-term area.

In addition, any decent accounts receivable management company in the USA will tell you how payment deferrals will need to be examined closely; there should be a consistent follow up on non-negotiated payment arrears with dunning procedures, and also attempts will have to be made to make payments.

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