HL7 Interface Support Specialist in Florida, USA

EHealthSource also provides Interface services as needed. We deploy many types of Interfaces for our clients. EHealthSource performs a detailed study of technology systems to assess the messaging and interfacing requirements in accordance with the HL7 messaging standards. Our consulting service advises and guides clients on their integration strategy and the role of HL7 in establishing an integration platform in healthcare provider facilities.

We design optimal HL7 interfaces across applicable systems to ensure complete data mapping of business requirements and clinical workflows. EHealthSource has experience working with HL7’s Version 2, Version 3, and CDA. We have a suitable blend of business domain and technical expertise that ensures complete customer satisfaction.

We have worked with multiple labs like Labcorp, Quest, Foundation, Solstas and many more. EHealthSource also has experience in establishing interfaces with medical devices like Forum.

Evolutionary development path from HL7 Version 2 and CDA standards can co-exist and leverage each other,Strong foundation in Web standards – XML, JSON, HTTP, Atom, OAuth, etc. – are the key enablers, and Support for SOAP & RESTful architectures allow for seamless exchange of information using messages or CCD documents. EHealthSource provides best HL7 Interface Support Specialist in Florida, USA.

The most common message types that EHealthSource implements includes

    • ADT – Admit Discharge Transfer


    • SIU – Scheduling Information Unsolicited


    • ORM – Order


    • ORU – Observation Result


    • QRY – Query


    • DFT – Detailed Financial Transaction


    • MFN – Master File Notification


    • RAS – Pharmacy/Treatment Administration


  • ACK – Acknowledgement
HL7 Interface Support Specialist in Florida, USA
Medical Device Integration System

We have the capability to integrate healthcare provider systems using both open source and propriety healthcare enterprise data exchange engines, including:

    • Microsoft HL7 BizTalk Accelerator


    • Mirth Connect


    • Cloverleaf


  • Interfaceware IGUANA™

The most common message types that EHealthSource implements includes

The adoption of HL7 3.0 based Clinical Document Architecture has helped improve coordination of care among healthcare providers. EHealthSource can provide a variety of integration needs of the healthcare industry, including:Transforming existing integration from version 2.x to version 3.0 or incorporating CDA based communication across providers,Exchanging health information (using CDA – CCD) via Health Information Exchanges across communities, HISP,Complying with ‘Meaningful Use’ criteria, andEngaging patients and providers using EHR/EMR products over the Cloud and SaaS-based service models.

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