Denial Management Services for Healthcare in Florida, USA

The undeniable fact is, denials pose a huge challenge for the revenue cycle. Denied, pending, lost, or suspended claims can and do impede your financial performance.

The process of denial management can be a tedious one, without a doubt. It can easily take too much effort, use too many resources, and consume far more time than one can spare, and still give disappointing results in the end. However, when you have the right denial analysis and automation with you, your healthcare organization can successfully manage denials, which further has a direct bearing on the increase in collections

There are far too many medical facilities and physicians in Florida, USA who fail to manage rejected claims and resubmit them. The primary reason is the lack of specific knowledge and enough time to take care of healthcare denial management reimbursement.

Denial Management Services for Healthcare in Florida, USA

EHealthsource combines the power of enhanced claim status, workflow, analytics, and remittance detail to help optimize all follow-up activities. Our solution efficiently identifies denials, suspends, holds, zero pays, in addition to appeals lost or won with payers through a combination of ERA (Electronic Remittance Advice) and enhanced claim status transactions. It’s how we ensure that providers can optimize claims follow-up through identifying and targeting those claims which need attention in as quick a manner as possible.

We offer a full suite of services when it comes to claiming rejection or denial management, that include claim status checks, A/R follow-ups, preparing appeal letters, resolution of denied claims, and more. And everything we do, it’s done with a single goal in mind – the collection of unpaid revenue against already rendered medical billing services.

If its anything that denial management requires, it has to be expert knowledge followed by timely execution. That’s why, only skilled professionals, dedicated to the domain, can handle them timely, effectively, and successfully. At Ehealthsource, we have a professional team of employees who possess the perfect know-how to track, analyze, and manage denials promptly. Not just fix a single isolated problem, but we provide solutions to identify the root causes and subsequently execute denial management prevention strategies to prevent any future discrepancies.

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