Chiropractic Medical Billing and Coding Services in Florida, USA

After 5 years of experience visiting hundreds of chiropractors across the country, we found five very important items being overlooked…

    • How to Establish and Document Medical Necessity in the SOAP Notes,
    • Ammunition to Fight for Fair Reimbursement,
    • Compliant Coding,
    • Accurate Fees and
    • Knowing How To Create Proper Treatment Plans and How To Update Those Plans In Order To Justify Continued Care. Proper utilization of these five items can provide an exceptional method to deliver high quality care, offer excellent financial return and help you sleep better at night.

We see hundreds of chiropractors losing thousands of dollars unnecessarily because of improper and out-dated billing and coding procedures. Let us show you how to incorporate the most advanced billing and coding strategies so you can better justify the clinical rationale for all the services you provide plus know how much to charge for every procedure you render. Stop giving things away for free!

Chiropractic Medical Billing and Coding Services in Florida, USA

We have proven products and services that eliminate confusion and bring organization to your practice. We keep it simple, relevant and interesting for you and all staff members. As far as we’re concerned, it really doesn’t matter if you are you a cash practice, accept assignment, par with Medicare, non-par with Medicare, in-network, out-of-network or a personal injury practice because all practices benefit from Target Coding’s products and services!

EHealthSource offers the best chiropractic medical billing and coding services in Florida, USA to streamline billing processes & minimize claim denials.

We offer many outstanding products and services designed to help you and your staff members become experts at patient and insurance reimbursement. Please contact us if you have any questions. We have so much wonderful information to share and we look forward to working with you. Thank You.

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EHealthSource's utmost priority is to help our clients achieve maximum revenue and profit.

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